Duke Marketing’s Websites Get a Refresh

Award Winning Marketing Cookbook and LSM-U, Local Store Marketing University™

Websites Relaunch with Fresh Design, New Testimonials, and Video

San Rafael, CA, January 12, 2015 – Duke Marketing LLC©, established in 1989, a full service marketing communications firm specializing with multi-location and franchise companies, announced the relaunch of two websites, marketing-cookbook.com, for the marketing book by Duke Marketing’s chief executive, Linda Duke, Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook-Recipes for Restaurateurs™, and the company’s educational program website, LSM-U™, Local Store Marketing University.  The websites were redesigned by chief technology and new media officer, Jeremy Rigsby, of Duke Marketing.   Visit the newly launched sites at:  www.marketing-cookbook.com  and www.lsm-u.com

“We wanted to refresh our websites to have a consistent look and include new testimonials and video,” said Linda Duke. 

Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook—Recipes for Restaurateurs™”, published in 2008, is an award winning resource for restaurant operators.  “Recipes for Restaurateurs” provides restaurant owners and operators with proven marketing tactics in a reader-friendly format with over 250 photos and real restaurant case studies.  This recipe format cookbook includes 100 field tested tips, toscreen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-30-26-pmols and tactics of successful marketing recipes, ingredients needed, and directions with a tactical guide to
generate trial of new guests, build frequency and loyalty of existing guests, increase awareness, check averages and sales for any restaurant.  Please visit the newly designed website at:  www.marketing-cookbook.com

“During my book tour, restaurant operators kept asking for an educational program to train their own people to use my Recipes for Restaurateurs book and learn about local store marketing,” said Duke.  screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-10-30-35-pmThat’s when we developed LSM-U, Local Store Marketing University.”  In 2011, LSM-U was offered as an educational certification workshop across the country at several state restaurant associations’s including California, Texas and Florida.  Now, six years later, thousands have earned their LSM-U certificate and the popular training program is offered to restaurant chain operators with proven results.  Watch the new LSM-U video here!  https://youtu.be/NixtpvQZWdk

LSM-U, Local Store Marketing University™, is a four hour jam packed educational program devised to enhance operator-marketers’ ability to understand, create and implement local store marketing strategies to increase sales and awareness in their 3-5 mile radius.  Created in 2011, LSM-U is offered as an educational seminar. A companion workshop, The LSM Diet™, is an additional two hours, for attendees to create their own 52 week local store marketing plan. Please visit the new LSM-U website www.lsm-u.com which includes new client accolades and a video overview.        



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